The Catra MMS (Media Management System) APIs are REST Web Services over Secure HTTP (SSL). The Client API is the only way a client application is able to interact with the MMS.

Any API, to be called, needs an API Key as Basic Authentication.

  1. Registration. First of all a User has to be registered in the CatraMMS platform. Details on the API to be called for the registration can be found here. The registration provides the User an API Key that has to be used to interact with the platform.

  2. MMS API. Once the User has his API Key, he will be able to call any MMS APIs. The main way to interact with the CatraMMS platform is doing an Ingestion of metadata to tell the platform what it has to do. For this reason it is defined a simple language allowing the User to write a workflow of tasks that CatraMMS has to execute.