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Media Management System

CatraMMS, Media Management System, is a platform by which it is possible to manage * a workflow (i.e.: ingest two videos, concatenate them, cut the resulting video, overlay a logo on it, encode it using different profiles) * custom metadata associated to each content * an array of Encoders, manage the priority of each encoding and manage dedicated Encoder * media functionalities (i.e.: encoding, cut, concatenate, overlay, slideShow, ...) * delivery of contents

The platform is already available in the cloud and all the URLs, examples and tutorial within the wiki pages refer the MMS cloud.

Media content might be a video, an audio, an image, a playlist.

It is designed to be used as a Service where a User has to register first and then will be able to use all the features of the platform. Once a User is registered, a Workspace is created for him and all the created contents will be associated to the Workspace.

Actually CatraMMS is using FFMpeg to encode the contents. Anyway, CatraMMS is designed to easily be integrated with any other encoding platform.

CatraMMS provides a detailed REST APIs from which it is possible to do any kind of activity toward the platform. Even a GUI/APP can be built based on the APIs.

Here follow the Physical Architecture of the CatraMMS:

MMS Physical Architecture

MMS Physical Architecture