Reference manual for * User Registration

User Creation

The following HTTP POST will create a userKey and associate to him a Workspace * curl -k -v -X POST -d '{"Name": "XXXXXX", "EMail": "xxx@yyy.zzz", "Password": "yyyyy", "Country": "ZZZZZ", "WorkspaceName": "XXXXXX" }'

It will return the key of the Workspace and User: * { "workspaceKey": 123, "userKey": 654 }

and an email is sent to xxx@yyy.zzz providing the confirmation code (868943763298)

User Confirmation

The following HTTP PUT will confirm the registration of the User. It needs as input the userKey and the confirmation code * curl -k -v -X PUT

It will return the APIKey * { "apiKey": "SU1.8AO1O2z0gdezR99BIPvAz2y4LNUsCKcKJrSrQ_S4lS33iZ4zGJ8kfWxQqmOhKL" }

Remark: The apiKey and userKey have to be saved because they have to be used for any API call.