This tutorial adds one image profile labelled as 'Profile Logo'.

Reference manual for * Add Encoding Profiles

Input creation (json)

Create a file (imageProfile.json) having the following content

        "Label": "Profile Logo",
        "Format": "JPG",
        "Width": 40,
        "Height": 50,
        "AspectRatio": false,
        "InterlaceType": "NoInterlace"


Run the following HTTP PUT having as input userKey, APIKey and videoProfiles.json: * curl -k -v -X PUT -u 654:SU1.8AO1O2z0gdezR99BIPvAz2y4LNUsCKcKJrSrQ_S4lS33iZ4zGJ8kfWxQqmOhKL -d @imageProfile.json -H "Content-Type: application/json"

The return will be: * { "encodingProfileKey": 6, "label": "Profile Logo" }