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  2. User registration
  3. Add content - Pull
  4. Add content, on success send an email
  5. Two Tasks (Add content) to be executed in parallel
  6. Add a set of video encoding profiles
  7. Add two contents, send an email, concat, cut and encode
  8. Add a single image profile (Logo)
  9. Add a video, an image, encode the image, overlay the encoded image on the video
  10. REST API version 1 (latest)


  11. User registration
  12. Login
  13. Share Workspace

    Workflow Ingestion

  14. Workflow
  15. Status of an ingestion

    Add-Remove Content

  16. Add a new Content
    1. Pull
    2. Push
  17. Remove a Content
  18. Information about the contents saved into MMS
  19. Retention of a Content


  20. Download HTTP of a Content

    Encoding (video-audio-image)

  21. Add encoding profiles
  22. Remove encoding profiles
  23. Encode
  24. Information about the encoding profiles saved into MMS
  25. Predefined MMS Encoding Profiles

    Concat & Cut

  26. Concatenate videos having same codecs
  27. Cut a video


  28. Overlay an Image on a Video
  29. Overlay a Text on a Video

    Frame Processing

  30. Frame of a video
  31. Periodical Frames of a video
  32. I-Frames of a video
  33. Motion JPEG video generated by Periodical Frames of a video
  34. Motion JPEG video generated by I-Frames of a video
  35. Slideshow video by images


  36. Notification through email